Between The Bookends Infill Buildings

Posted Aug 13th, 2020

Cairnwood Homes makes the most out of infill lots in Niagara

Infill homes present their own set of unique challenges, and Cairnwood Homes has the experience to approach each opportunity from a unique angle, making each build special in its own right.

Filling The Gaps

Infill development (buildings constructed to occupy the space between existing ones) provides unique opportunities for Cairnwood as a boutique builder. It is accurate to say, we always have a few infill lots waiting in our inventory.

There are risks with infill building but also rewards. Cairnwood Homes likes to analyze each infill opportunity individually, which clarifies the unique challenges and solutions to those challenges specifically for that location and build.

Intentional Design

There is a lot of fun to be had in building to suit the lot and the neighbourhood instead of having a house plan that you take from lot to lot…the “cookie cutter model”.

We believe that each lot deserves to be designed with thought and with care. The result will always be more favourable and attractive. At the end of the build, we want the neighbours to be happy with what they see out of their window.

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Meet "Violet"

This is a house we call “Violet”. When we purchased this lot, we could see the charm and the styling of the houses on either side. We took note of the roof pitches, the materials, the form of the buildings and found inspiration and direction for the new build.

Infill situations require thought with window placement, as not to create a fishbowl for the new house or intrude on the privacy of the established homes.

The End Goal

It’s one thing to have a floor plan that works on paper but taking the time to make sure it translates to the lot, is something to put extra thought into. Our goal for the final product is to have the feeling that the house has “always” been there. That it looks like it fits into the area seamlessly.

We are always on the hunt and keeping our eyes open for the next quaint infill lot that requires some TLC, thought and planning to build a product worthy of the opportunity.

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