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Cairnwood Homes has a trusted team, experienced in managing home building and development projects in Niagara from start to finish.

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Cairnwood Homes has over 30 years of experience through skilled home building expertise and an unmatched desire to build and contribute to the community. Built on core values, our philosophy is important to every decision we make, the projects we tackle, and partners in business that we approach.

We always approach the projects that will make us happy and proud while improving the neighbourhood and filling a need in the local housing markets with homes that are comfortable to live in.

Our Experience

Meet Julie 

Julie Dodge grew up with rural roots. As a farmer’s daughter, she has never shied away from early mornings or getting muddy. Farming and building have distinct similarities and provide the foundation for her passion to develop and build.

Working closely with preferred planners, architects, and designers, she pushes the product development envelope in the client's best interest without compromise.

Julie Dodge, Builder with Cairnwood Homes
Richard TenDen, Cairnwood Homes in Niagara Region

Meet Richard

A third-generation homebuilder with over 35 years of experience and a degree in Construction Engineering Technology, Richard TenDen enjoys maintaining best practices and managing Cairnwood’s worksite environments while staying ahead of the curve.

Richard is an experienced framer, trim carpenter, successful construction business owner, and has managed multiple, beautiful large-scale development and building projects throughout Niagara.

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We're always looking for talented people to work with at Cairnwood Homes, so check out our Careers page and connect with us.

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Our Gallery Of Work

Our Gallery Of Work

Posted Sep 29th, 2020

Check out some of the most beautiful projects Cairnwood Homes has undertaken in Niagara with this gallery.

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The Piano Wall

The Piano Wall

Posted Jan 26th, 2021

Showcasing important moments or artifacts can make a wall become more personalized and meaningful.

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Between The Bookends <strong>Infill Buildings</strong>

Between The Bookends Infill Buildings

Posted Aug 13th, 2020

Infill Homes present their own set of unique challenges, and Cairnwood Homes has the experience to approach each opportunity from a unique angle, making each build special in its own right.

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Worn Out to <strong>#Relevant!</strong>

Worn Out to #Relevant!

Posted Jul 21st, 2020

With Cairnwood Homes, even a run-down vacant property rebuild can give a home a second chance at being beautiful, relevant, and part of a neighbourhood in Niagara again.

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