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About Cairnwood Homes, Builders, Renters and Investors in Niagara

Cairnwood Homes, built on heritage and opportunity, has over 30 years of experience in housing and real estate development in Niagara.

Cairnwood Homes builds homes with the client in mind

The Client Comes First

The boutique nature of Cairnwood’s office and team offer an elevated experience in home building, developing, renting, and investing in real estate, bringing new energy to the industry and the Niagara Region.

We take the time to understand you, plan for your needs, and consider how our work and actions can serve the surrounding community.

Cairnwood puts you first, whether you're a family, a professional, an empty nester, or seeking accessible housing.

Why We're Different

Our Core Values

  • Building the right product for you
  • Serving your needs and providing liveability
  • Designing the best use of land and space
  • Achieving a strong design to suit you

Built On Heritage

Cairnwood Acres is a well-established and historical family farm in rural Southwestern Ontario, run by five generations of the Dodge family.

When Julie and Richard decided to create a building company, where every home would be built on the same core, family values they came to rely on, "Cairnwood" was the natural choice to honour Julie's family and the legacy of Cairnwood Acres.

Meet Our Team

Cairnwood Homes is built on family values in the Niagara Region

Our Gallery Of Work

Our Gallery Of Work

Posted Sep 29th, 2020

Check out some of the most beautiful projects Cairnwood Homes has undertaken in Niagara with this gallery.

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The Piano Wall

The Piano Wall

Posted Jan 26th, 2021

Showcasing important moments or artifacts can make a wall become more personalized and meaningful.

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Between The Bookends <strong>Infill Buildings</strong>

Between The Bookends Infill Buildings

Posted Aug 13th, 2020

Infill Homes present their own set of unique challenges, and Cairnwood Homes has the experience to approach each opportunity from a unique angle, making each build special in its own right.

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Worn Out to <strong>#Relevant!</strong>

Worn Out to #Relevant!

Posted Jul 21st, 2020

With Cairnwood Homes, even a run-down vacant property rebuild can give a home a second chance at being beautiful, relevant, and part of a neighbourhood in Niagara again.

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